About us

Welcome at Up North, so nice to see you here!

Who are we?

It's a bit cliché, but Up North is a Belgian online shop created from a passion for Scandinavian interior. Well, passion but also frustration because in the Benelux a number of super cool Scandinavian brands are often still untraceable (or are, but give us some time;)). So then you can start doing some magic on the internet with shipments to other dispatch centres, or you can start a webshop by yourself. And that's exactly what we did. Not that we didn't give the dispatch centres a chance, but we got tired of the shipping costs being more expensive than the products themselves :)

Our goal?

We want to bring unique and fun Scandinavian interior products closer to you. That's why our focus is on more exclusive products and brands that you won't just find anywhere. Of course we also offer some well-known brands from the North, but we also try to put together a more unique assortment. For the Scandinavian beginners we put together nice, affordable and especially bite-sized packages that contain the most popular products. Because it is simply not so easy to turn your house into a Scandinavian paradise, and because choosing aa gift as an exclusive item is often not so easy.

What's importat to us?

Personality is essential to us, both for interior design and in the relationship with our customers.

After all, an interior is where you live in every day, and where you really need to feel at home. We often find it such a shame that people get their entire interior from one store. No harm of course if it's of little importance to you, but we personally would miss some personality in our interior. At Up North we try to put you on your way to create your own personal dream interior. How? We try to give as many tips as possible in the description of our products. And gradually more and more interior advice will be published on our webshop. On the other hand, we do not compete with our colleagues; The more choice, the more creative you can be! ;)

We also want to be very close to our customers. That's why we offer a personal packaging service. Are you telling us that you are buying a present for the birthday of your best friend Ben? Then we make sure that his name is on the birthday present, and we even add a personal message from you in the package. That's really awesome ?! Even if you have questions or feedback, you are always welcome with us. Not an online factory, rather a small but personal and cozy webshop!

Have fun!